Woosong College

Korean Language Institute


The faculty at our institute will do everything we can to help students with passions further spark their interest in learning the Korean language and culture and to develop the necessary skills as soon as possible.



Our Institute is focused on strengthening the students’ Korean language capability to fulfill the globalization era of
the Korean culture and language, and to enable an effective global education experience.

Our Institute is using all levers to reach this goal by developing Korean language lecture contents and teaching methods, fostering bilateral communications with students for efficient administration, and operating effective both in-person and virtual classes based on the current needs.
We are also establishing an open dialogue system between students, parents, and faculty for carrying out personalized management of students.

The faculty at our institute will do everything we can to help students with passions further spark their interest in learning the Korean language
and culture and to develop the necessary skills as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Koo Kyung-Mo
Dean of the Korean Language Institute



Introduction of Woosong College Korean Language Institute



Position Name Tel. no E-mail
Chief Lecturer 윤지영 042-629-6186 alfreda95@naver.com
Lecturer 윤남희 - -
Lecturer 임은진 - -
6 General Lecturers - - -


Responsibility Name Tel. no E-mail
General leader 이원붕 042-629-6489 mrmomo@wsi.ac.kr
Student management 김택은 042-629-6186 kte5088@naver.com
Student management Huynh Thi Ha Vy 042-629-6552 vyhuynh1299@gmail.com
Student management Nguyen Thi Thu Thao 042-629-6552 thaonguyen120100@gmail.com




The regular Language Training course consists of four semesters per year, each semester lasts 10 weeks (200 hours). Applicants are assigned to suitable class after taking a placement test (written/interview) on a designated date.

Class division test

  • Student’s class is determined based on written test and interview result evaluation.


  • Student evaluation is conducted in 4 fields: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing
  • Grade distribution: Midterm exam 30%, final exam 30%, attitude 20%, attendance 20%
    In case student fails to attend more than 70% of the class, student would receive an F grade.
    In case of cheating, student would not receive any points for that specific test.
    In case student is inevitably absent on the test day, 90% of the score from the re-take test would be acknowledged.
  • If student fails to attend the test due to personal reason only, student would not have any scores.
  • If student fails to attend both midterm and final exam, through the deliberation of the professor in charge of the subject, student should either study the course again or be expelled.

Attendance acknowledgement

  • Official event: With official invitation letter from Institute and organization
  • Sickness: With official diagnosis from doctor (within 10 days)
  • Others: In case of relatives wedding or funeral, etc. Application form should be filled out together with submission of a copy E-ticket.

Counseling and guidance

  • Every semester, in-charge professor would conduct individual counseling for each individual.
  • Student can also book counseling session in advance.


Semester Period Class hours Note
Spring semester(10-week) March 14 to May 20 Total 40 weeks Weekdays Monday - Friday
(Total 200hrs/semester)
Make-up classes 1 week
Summer semester(10-weeks) May 30 to August 5
Make-up classes 2 weeks
Fall semester(10-weeks) August 22 to November 4
Make-up classes 1 week
Winter semester(10-weeks) November 14 January 20
Make-up classes 2 weeks

(The above schedule, semester, and class (operating) hours may change depending on the situation)


Class structure

  • Classes are divided into Beginner 1, 2, Intermediate 1, 2, Advanced 1 and 2.s
  • Every week from Monday to Friday, 4 hours/day, 200 hours total

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (Level 1-2)

Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st hour (09:00) ~ (09:50) Speaking (60) Listening (40)
2nd hour (10:00) ~ (10:50)
3rd hour (11:00) ~ (11:50) Reading (60) Writing (40) and Cultural Lesson
4th hour (12:00) ~ (12:50)

Leave of absence/ Expulsion and other matters to be complied with

In accordance with the school regulations (request consultation for details)

Certificate Issuance

  • Request the administrative office to issue certificates such as Enrollment Certificate, Transcripts, and Certificate of Completion.
  • Transcript and Certificate of Completion cannot be reissued.

Dormitory Notice

  • Compulsory residence in-campus dormitories for 2 quarters (20 weeks) after admission.

Registration Information

Consultation and inquiry Contact : +82-42-629-6552 / Email : eodassistant@gmail.com
Application Documents Submission
  • Application form
  • Copy of passport
  • Latest school diploma
  • Latest school transcript
  • Certificate of deposit (Bank balance) (more than USD 10,000)
  • Copy of Student’s Identification card
  • Family Relationship Registration Book
  • Copy of Parent's Identification Card
  • Copy of Birth certificate
  • 3 Passport photos (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • One Copy of your bankbook
    * Family member’s bankbook and Family Relationship Registration Book
    * In case Legal or Authorized Representatives intend to receive your refund, you have to submit their bankbook and passport’s copy.
Document review Issuance of Admission letter
Visa procedure Apply directly to the home country's Consulate General
Arrival in Korea

※ Notice
When submitting documents, please submit all online in advance by compress them into a PDF file (except Application Form in Word file) and send it to thyhuynh.assistant@gmail.com
(When sending the file, the applicant's name should be written in English and as the file’s name.)


Document receptions of and inquiries

Division Name Phone number Email
Vietnam HUYNH THI HA VY +82-42-629-6552 eodassistant@gmail.com




Classification Amount Note
Tuition 5,200,000 10 weeks × 4 quarters
Dormitory Fee 1,320,000 -1 day 5,000 × 147 days (21 weeks)
(1 holiday week is included)
-1 meal 4,000 × 147 days (21 weeks)
(1 meal per day compulsory)
Total Fee 6,520,000 -

Refund Policy

Refund Documents to
be submitted
Before semester starts 100% tuition Excluding admission fee Refund Application Form,
Copy of Bankbook,
Copy of Passport or
Alien Registration Card
Before 1/3 of the total class hours per month have passed 2/3 of the monthly tuition fee Full refund of
tuition fees
applicable after
the month
following the month of
Before 1/2 of the total class hours per month have passed 1/2 of the monthly tuition fee
After 1/2 of the total class hours per month have passed No refund
Expulsion No refund


(34518) 59, Baengnyong-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea (E2)  /   042-629-6186